Making homelessness a rarity and affordable housing a reality in Ellis County.

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Featured Organizations

We continue to feature these food banks due to the current crisis.

Manna House

The Manna House team is working hard to make sure we are able to continue providing support to our neighbors. In these unprecedented times, we need those who are healthy, willing, and able to come alongside us. WE CAN. TOGETHER.

Waxahachie Care Services

Our community is why we exist and because we are surrounded by so many caring, giving and wonderful people we are able to provide for many needs throughout Ellis county.

*neighbors CARE-ing for NEIGHBORS  2020


Presentations and News

Whether there was an article in one of our local papers, special video or presentation, we want to share it with you!

Homelessness is not simply the result of irresponsibility; nor is it a disease of only the uneducated or addicted. It is the result of the lack of a “Living Wage,” divorce, job loss and health issues. It is a reversible condition, and when one is willing to change their situation, we are there. Daniel’s Den

Ellis County Snapshot

Groups of people experience homelessness in different ways, but all homelessness is characterized by extreme poverty coupled with a lack of stable housing. It could be the person you see walking down the street or those who are “doubled up” or “couch surfing.” Nothing but stable housing fundamentally differentiates those who experience homelessness and those who don’t.

-National Healthcare for the Homeless Council,

1 in every 5 children in Ellis County is at risk for hunger every day.

During the January 2020 Point-in-Time Count (official count for HUD), 74 people were experiencing homelessness in Ellis County.

This count is for people of all ages living unsheltered or in a temporary shelter.

10.5% residents in our county are living below the federal poverty level.

It’s difficult for low-income individuals and families to find places to live when our median rent is $1359 a month. This is more than 50% of net monthly income for these residents.

16.91% of those in poverty did not complete high school.

How can we help them break the cycle of hopelessness?

As of January 29, 2020, there were 435 Ellis County students classified as HOMELESS in our 11 school districts.

This is in our own community!

Resources:;;;,, TEA, Region 10 information based on the McKinney-Vento Act Classifications

Learn More About Homelessness

Why are people Homeless?

Types of Homelessness

-and other information

Donate without giving a cent!

Are we crazy? No, but you would be if you have a business and don’t take advantage of what Texas Business Incentive Services is offering. And, Ellis County Homeless Coalition, United Way and your local Chamber of Commerce all benefit from it. Go to their website or read below to learn more about it.

TAX CREDITS you need to claim!

Did you know that 90% of small businesses qualify for but do not take advantage of federal, state and local incentives  and rebates? It’s because they are not aware they exist. In fact, nearly every business qualifies for this cash reimbursement and you can go back three years in your claim. Yes, it is real, legitimate, and is truly free to find out if you qualify. My fee is a percentage of the incentive recovered for you and if you don’t qualify, you don’t have to pay anything.  


Recovering your much needed cash to help your business grow will help the Ellis County Homeless Coalition (ECHC) provide services not currently available.

A large portion of the net proceeds from the fees sent to Texas Business Incentive Services for the recovery of your tax credits will be donated to ECHC to fund programs that help those that are homeless or on the verge of homelessness due to increased rent, health issues or job loss. In addition, they give $500 to our area United Way and local Chamber of Commerce. This is a WIN-WIN for everyone.


Go to their website to learn more and fill out the form for a FREE consultation.

Remember, there is no cost ever for you to find out if you qualify for any credits and you pay no fees if you do qualify.

If you prefer, you could call James at 214.228.4280.

The Ellis County Homeless Coalition appreciates the support of Texas Business Incentive Services. They are helping your business and us!

United Way of West Ellis County is

Preparing for the Census

A complete and accurate census count is critical for the well-being of our community. Why? Because the census is used to set funding for everything from Medicaid to highway construction to K-12 education. To get the most for our community, we have to ensure all residents in Ellis County are counted. Learn more about why the census is important by clicking here