Our public meetings are held at 7 pm on the second Tuesday of February, August and November.

Waxahachie Housing Authority office, 208 N Patrick St.

2023 dates: February 21, August 8, November 14


April 17, 2023

New President Elected

(Waxahachie, TX, April 14, 2023) Ellis County Homeless Coalition (ECHC) announces the election of a new president, Kimberly Fuller. Kimberly has been a volunteer with us for eight months, is a local businesswoman and has the ability to organize and create processes to aid this nonprofit in running with increased efficiency.

The Coalition started in 2017 to address the growing homeless population in Ellis County and to perform the annual Point-In-Time Count for HUD. Its volunteers passed out food throughout the year and helped the homeless find the local nonprofit organization that could best serve them. The need to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit was recognized in 2020. The process was completed in January of 2021 with a retroactive date of June 19, 2020.

ECHC is a small organization, powered by volunteers only, that has accomplished much to help the homeless and at-risk populations in Ellis County, working with other organizations in the area. Now our momentum continues to grow through the community support that we receive to help our in-need populations.

As the calls for help increased, we had what many companies go through, “growing pains.” Issues have arisen and we need to complete the filing of a couple of forms. While in the process of updating our accounts, the IRS informed us that our nonprofit status remains active and in good standing.

As a result of what we discovered, the restructuring will include oversight processes for all areas of ECHC and additional vetting for members of the Executive Board.

The desire to serve the homeless and at-risk populations in our county remains strong in all our volunteers and our programs that help the homeless and at-risk will continue. The members of our Board will work with Kimberly to create a stronger Coalition to better serve the great community of Ellis County, Texas.


We need


Visit with clients to determine their needs.

Make phone calls.

Pack backpacks with supplies.

Help at events.


Rick Allison, Outreach Manager

469.923.2273, rick.echc@gmail.com

Does Ellis County really need a shelter?

Learn More About Homelessness

Why are people Homeless?

Types of Homelessness

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Homelessness is not simply the result of irresponsibility; nor is it a disease of only the uneducated or addicted. It is the result of the lack of a “Living Wage,” divorce, job loss and health issues. It is a reversible condition, and when one is willing to change their situation, we are there. Daniel’s Den

Donations will be used to help any of the following needs throughout Ellis County:

Emergency needs for area shelters and motel costs , gas and car repairs for families living in their vehicles, case manager, housing navigator, homeless shelter and other assistance as funds allow .


The need for help with temporary shelter and permanent housing is growing. The Ellis County Homeless Coalition (ECHC) is being overwhelmed with the spike in homelessness caused by evictions and the lack of affordable rental units. We are now being contacted by local food pantries for help with their clients living in their cars or area motels around our county.

We need your help to work with people that are being or have been evicted. Most of them became so far behind in rent due to COVID-19 layoffs and sickness that they were unable to make it up and stay in their homes, even when they went back to work. And, with the average rent now up to $1.60/ sq ft and so many looking for homes, it is a landlord’s market. Those with a previous eviction on their record, poor credit or whose income isn’t three times the rent are passed over, leaving a rising homeless problem.

We need your help with monetary donations or volunteer time.


Office Admin and Data Entry

Outreach Team to check on the new sightings and our old friends

Transportation to work & appointments for those without vehicles

Help with social media and website updates (using Canva and Brizy Page Builder)

Case Manager to speak with the clients and determine how to help them