The Ellis County Homeless Coalition

The Ellis County Homeless Coalition is a community action group of concerned citizens and organizations dedicated to raising awareness, preventing homelessness and developing affordable housing in Ellis County. We meet quarterly on a Tuesday evening. See our home page for the dates. 

We are a part of the Texas Homeless Network ( THN is a nonprofit membership-based organization helping communities strategically plan to prevent and end homelessness. THN works to end homelessness in Texas by collaborating with all communities, large and small, across the state to build systems to achieve this goal.  

Mission Statement

We exist to spearhead the fight against homelessness in Ellis County. We have made it our mission to come alongside the other non-profits in our county to equip citizens with the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and set them up for a better tomorrow. We strive to be advocates within our county to make housing more affordable. We plan to do this through affordable housing and assistance in other essential areas. We want to

see people rise above their circumstances and watch homelessness become a rarity in Ellis County.