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Confidentiality Policy

In order for Business Incentive Solutions (BIS) to conduct their review and determination of qualification for various state and federal tax credits, certain CLIENT information will be made available to Business Incentive Solutions (BIS), which may including State and Federal Income Tax Returns and other supplementary information.

Whereas, the CLIENT has agreed to furnish these confidential records, Business Incentive Solutions (BIS), agrees to hold confidential or proprietary information in trust and confidence and agrees that it shall be used only for the con­templated purposes under the Consulting Agreement.

Business Incentive Solutions (BIS) may make third party disclosures to the State Taxing Authority and/or Internal Rev­enue Service for the purpose of securing tax credits and/or refunds for the CLIENT.

This confidential information will not be shared or disclosed to any other third party except the employees/asso­ciates of Business Incentive Solutions (BIS) who have a need to know. This policy will also govern all communications between the parties, including fax and e-mail.

Our Incentives Consultants are not tax professionals and do not give financial, legal, or tax advice. Please consult with your attorney and/or tax advisor as needed.


Thank you for considering Business Incentive Solutions (herein after BIS) to perform an Incentive Analysis through Business Incentive Solutions (BIS) for your company.

Company agrees to provide the necessary documentation for this analysis which will be done at NO CHARGE.

Business Incentive Solutions has access to a number of Incentive programs including Commercial Property Cost Segre­gation, Section 41 Research & Development Credits, Real & Personal Property Tax Mitigation, Energy EP Act 179D, as well as Hiring based Incentives, Federal HUD Zone Credits, State Location Based Credit and Employee Reimbursement Incentives.

Business Incentive Solutions (BIS) will perform the following in order to evaluate, analyze and procure your eligible specialized incentives:

  • Determine company qualification for specialized incentive programs
  • Collect documentation in order to determine company utilization of incentives

Establish total fee to procure benefit(s) from a percentage of recoverable taxes collected only

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Our final section details your BUSINESS QUALIFICATIONS.

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