Thank you for your generous donation to make homelessness a rarity.

We may use all resources where they are most needed.


"Concert In The Park" - choosing this option lets us see that you gave a donation because you are going, or went, to our fundraising concert at Railyard Park.

"Where Needed Most" - this helps us tremendously so we can help the people who come to us. This provides funds to help those in need with rental/utility assistance to avoid eviction, affordable housing deposits/first month rent, food, utilities, bus tickets, clothing, gas, rides to medical appointments/job interviews, obtaining ID. or to pay our admin costs such as rent, phone, electric.

"Home for Thomas" - We are still helping to raise funds to build a home for Thomas, a local homeless man, who has endured five back surgeries, that had some land giftedto him.

Food, Gas

Sometimes all someone needs is a little food or gas to get them to their next stop, or their job.


A mother with her children, a senior veteran, someone who had surgery and needs a place to recover.


We give guidance to other great Ellis County organizations specific to their current needs.


There is no overnight shelter in our community. We are saving funds to find a place where our friends can sleep and shower.