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January 27, 2022

Anyone in need of daily essentials or who are experiencing homelessness of any kind are invited to the in Ellis County Homeless Coalition’s Let’s Get Warm Giveaway. The event is slated for 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 27, 2022 at First Baptist Church, 450 E. Hwy 287, in Waxahachie. This Giveaway runs in conjunction with the annual Point-In-Time (PIT) Count.

The Point-In-Time (PIT) is a snapshot, following HUD guidelines, of how many homeless individuals are in our community on a single day. On the local level, point-in-time counts help communities plan services and programs to appropriately address local needs, measure progress in decreasing homelessness, and identify strengths and gaps in our community's current homelessness assistance system. We go out in teams of at least two or more to different locations in the county where people who are homeless have been observed. We ask them questions from a survey, give them a goody bag and invite them to the Giveaway for meals and a hot shower.

We will serve three hot meals to our guests that are homeless, in need, and volunteers. Showers will be available for our guests, if they desire. There will be free haircuts, clothing, coats and blankets available for all ages. Goody Bags with personal care items and snacks for each guest will be given to those who come to First Baptist or who we meet at their location.

If a person/family that is homeless or in need, we can provide transportation to and from the event at First Baptist. Local nonprofits and homeless support services will be on hand to answer questions and provide resources.

There are a variety of volunteer positions open from setting up tables, preparing sets of towels for showers to cooking, serving and actually going out to different locations in Ellis County to talk to the homeless and invite them to the event.


Goody Bag Item Donations & Sorting

We need items donated for 100 goody bags. Then we need a few volunteers to help us sort them into individual bags.

Have a drive to get as much as possible at your business, church or with friends.

Please donate these items:

Beef Jerky, peanut butter or cheese cracker packages,, stocking hat, scarf, wool-blend blanket easy to carry on the streets, easy open package of meats or fish, small first aid kit, tissues, hand wipes, Stanley winter socks, zip freezer bags in gallon, quart and sandwich, small sewing kits, safety pins, rubber bands, bottled water, toiletries: travel toothbrush, toothpaste, Degree deodorant


Gathering information about the different resources and organizations in Ellis County that help our homeless neighbors and others in need. This information will go into a booklet that they can take with them.

Set Up

We'll need to set up tables for the different organizations to present what they have available to the homeless and a place to eat the meals.

Prepare sets of towels, wash cloths, soap, conditioner, shampoo, blow dryers and anything else needed for our guests to take showers. They will also each receive a goodie bag with personal care items and snacks.

Set up plates, tableware, glasses, drinks and the serving area.

Cooking and Serving

Cooking: Help in the kitchen as needed to prepare predetermined meals for our guests and volunteers. Our goal is to have a church or business provide and serve each meal.

Serving: As guests or volunteers come to eat, prepare a plate for them. Seconds and thirds are okay for our guests. Clean up tables after meals are completed. Refer guests to a guide to walk them around to the organizations or help them with a towel set to take a shower.

Greeting and Guides

Guests can have a shower and meal or just sit and relax with a cup of coffee. They can have seconds, thirds or come for all 3 meals. This day is all about serving them.

You can also ask the guests if they would like to visit the different organizations to learn more about what is available to them.


Picking up our guests that are homeless, taking them to First Baptist Church and back to their location when they are done taking advantage of our services.


NOTE: Time block 9 - 11 am has been filled.

The PIT Count

The unsheltered PIT survey requires volunteers to identify people who are homeless and living in places not meant for human habitation, such as:

• On the street

• In abandoned buildings or parking garages

• In their vehicles

• In tents/shanties

• Public parks

• In the woods

• Transportation stations

The Coalition will have these areas identified for you to get you started. You will also invite the people you survey to First Baptist Church for a hot meal and shower if they would like one.

If you have an organization that services the homeless or others in need, please consider having a table to share your resources.


Don't worry! When you volunteer to do one of the counts, we have training sessions for you to attend so you can be prepared. Please attend one of the hour-long sessions. Someone will contact you about these after you sign up to volunteer.


Registration button will be active once we have the class information.

zoom classes

ZOOM Training


Submit Your Sightings

Have you seen an individual or family that is homeless? Let us know where they are so we can find them on January 27th, survey them for the count and invite them to the Giveaway where they can have meals, showers and find help.

Don't forget am or pm
If there's no address available, give us the closest cross streets or other identifying marks for the area, especially in a park.
Example: Joe Smith, Parks Dept or George Lukas, Volunteer. Initials are okay to use.

Invitations to Handout to the Homeless

Download invitations you can print – CLICK HERE .