Do We Need A Shelter?

“I’m afraid if we build it, they will come….”

So many people believe that if we have a shelter in Ellis County that the homeless will start coming into our towns. When actually the reason we want to build it is because we have so many here right now and no place to help them. There will always be some who want to stay where they are today but there are so many more that want a warm, or cool, place to sleep before they go to work or school the next day. They wonder where their next meal will come from and how they will take a shower, especially the children who don’t want to be ridiculed for how they smell or look.

There are so many more homeless in our county since Covid-19 hit because they were evicted from their homes before and now, after the moratorium. Most families are just one paycheck away from losing everything and many of them lost their jobs during the pandemic and unemployment or their new jobs are not enough to catch up and make ends meet.

We have so many good organizations in the county to help people but not one shelter. It’s time to show we care for our fellow man and provide for their basic needs of shelter and food. We’ll also help them find new jobs or education if needed. Join us in making this happen.