2020 Committees

Co-Leader 1: Rhonda Miller
Co-Leader 2: Kent Ray

Increase active members in order to participate in development of processes as recommended by Texas Homeless Network, events and other initiatives determined to be of value to Ellis County.  This could include writing letters to current members and others that would be great additions to the Coalition.  Other marketing and advertising would be involved and this group would work with Communication to get that done.


  1. Rhonda will receive member & service lists to review and combine.
  2. Letter will be written to invite members & other organizations to an open house/Membership Kickoff Event hosted by Salvation Army, possibly June.
  3. Mail & follow up before the event.
  • Develop timeline for the event


  1. List Reviews done.
  2. Reviewed and merged 2 resource lists. Identified organizations that serve the homeless and others in need that are not on the list. Making plans to contact them.
  3. Will develop email to request them to join our list and participate in our organization.


1 Schedule a Lunch & Learn for Friday, 9/25/20. Buffet at House of Praise for easy access & central location. Click button for full notes from committee meeting and event planning schedule.

Co-Leader 1: Anita Barnes
Co-Leader 2: Judy Ray
Co-Leader 3: Joy Ranton

Develop a group of people to share in reaching out to the homeless on a regular schedule to determine what services they may need This is especially crucial when a new person is identified.


  1. Get in touch with Joy.
  2. REACH – Teresa to get link for nonprofit.


Any “Sightings” emails will be forwarded to James Bell. He & Wayne will go to the location listed and talk with the person to determine what type of help they need. If requested, James will respond back to the person sending the email.

501(c)3 Formation
Co-Leader 1: James Bell
Co-Leader 2:

We identified the need to raise funds for the Coalition to support our ongoing efforts to increase awareness, raise funds for our events and increase donations for our members. Most businesses need us to be a nonprofit in order to give funds or products. We have people in our Coalition that have already done this. What are the steps we need to take and what is the cost?


  1. Identify a benefactor for startup (Ovilla UMC)
  2. Identify the organizing board.
  3. Set date for member open house, work with Membership.
  4. Allow 60 days for EIN number after application.
  5. Establish BBVA bank account.
  6. Start crowd fundraising account. (e.g. GoFundMe)
  7. Consider using a consultant


Bylaws, initial board positions & filing cost breakdown ready for approval.


ECHC is now a nonprofit corporation.

Nominations to confirm board members already acting in that capacity will be soon.

Co-Leader 1:
Co-Leader 2: Betty Kirkpatrick

Assuming we will receive the 501(c)3 designation, what are the strategic plans for the next 12 months that we can do to be effective in raising funds for more than our events.Set up a bank account at BBVA. Determine correct audit procedures.


  1. Work with 501(c)3 committee to determine what finances are needed.
  2. Develop a plan for other fundraising ideas such as an online silent auction or fundraising link on website and Facebook pages.
  3. Are there additional events that can be planned throughout the year?
  4. Have Treasurer, when appointed, to open bank account and set up bookkeeping system to manage all incoming and outgoing finances.
  5. Ask a CPA, if not the Treasurer, to donate their time and instruct us on proper audit procedures according to GAAP.


1 Waiting for some things until 501(c)(3).

2 Developing ideas for non-event fundraising.

Will need funds for 501(c)(3) formation and if we choose to proceed with any part of the Nonprofit Advantage Proposal.

3 Review grant possibilities from THN and other sources.


  1. ECHC is on Guidestar. Will need to update with EIN to have it show to public.
  2. Bank account to be set up within 30 days. After that time we can put a DONATE NOW button on the website and Facebook page.
  3. Texas Business Incentive Solutions (TXBIS) will start educational webinars and when the process for those who sign up is complete, a portion of the profits will come to ECHC.

Communication/Event Planning
Co-Leader 1: Betty Kirkpatrick – Overall
Co-Leader 2: Shelly Skinner – Social Media Management
Co-Leader 3: Melissa Rawlins – PIT Count

Communication/Event Planning is the key element in raising funds for the Coalition. This committee also develops brand guidelines and ensures any communication from any other group within the Coalition maintains brand compliance. All projects should be coordinated with

this “department.”

This committee’s function is multi- purpose:

A) Social Media and Website management

Connect with our audience to build our brand, increase donations,

drive traffic to different articles and events.Stay up-to-date on member organizations, reposting as needed to support them. 

B) Emails, e-newsletters, any other mailings, brand management, strategic planning

C) Event Planning

Planning the Pie Palooza Festival, PIT Count and Let’s Get Warm Giveaway as well as any other booths/tables that will be set up at other functions to raise awareness of homelessness, our members and our coalition. This includes all aspects of marketing that supports those plans. Each event will have its own Coordinator.

Pie Palooza Festival:


Let’s Get Warm Giveaway:



  1. Start reposting information from other organizations about homelessness or helping those in need.
  2. Start Instagram & Twitter accounts.
  3. Participate in planning the membership open house/kickoff.
  4. Develop booklet of all county services that is easy to handout and will fit in a pocket.
  5. Develop guides for all events.


1 Begin planning the Membership Event to happen in June or July or later in our new normal.

2 Meet with committee members to plan the rest of the year: Membership Kickoff Event, Silent Auction Fundraising, Pie Palooza. Will need to determine what the new normal is to figure out how to plant our upcoming events.


  1. Eviction Moratorium press release ready for final approval at monthly meeting to be sent Wednesday morning.
  2. Check Membership Committee for information on next event.


  1. Pie Palooza postponed until Spring.

2 Shelly will start maintaining the FB page.

3 See Membership updates for upcoming event project notes.

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