Pie Eating Contest Rules

a. Contestants are not required to have teeth. 

b. Contestants are required to keep their hands behind their back while they devour their slice of pie. (For those unsure of their self-control, Pie Palooza attendants will have restraints on hand.)

c. Pie Palooza attendants will use an smart phone stopwatch to time the duration of the contestants’ pie eating. 

d. Pie Palooza attendants will stop the watch as soon as the first contestant to finish eating their entire slice of pie stands upright, smiles and shouts, “Thank You For Such Wonderful Pie!” There is no limit to how long it takes a person to eat their pie. People who do not finish first are free to continue enjoying their pie until they ask to have their hand restraints removed. 

e. Contestants can fall in any age range, but all must agree to having their picture taken before, during and after the contest and then published in local media, on Facebook and on the website of the Local Homeless Coalition in Ellis County, elliscountyhomeless.com. 

f.  Contestants are asked to sign up for their preferred category at least an hour in advance.

Several categories of competition exist:      

1. High school age    

2. Intermediate school age      

3. Elementary school age        

4. Entire families      

5. Adults only      

6. Grandparents with their grandchildren      

7. Parents with their children      

8. Best friends 

g. Contestants must accept whatever pie is placed before them. It could be Pecan. It could be Cherry. It could possibly be another fruity pie. (Make sure you tell us about any food allergies before the pies are set before you.)

h. Pie Palooza attendants are required to slice each piece evenly, and each slice will be the size of a tradition pie slice… neither too small, nor too large


i. Contestants’ families are welcome to watch and even record the contest. As well, they are welcome to time the contest using their own smart phone stopwatch. Pie Palooza attendants time is official. However, if they choose to do so, they must notify the Pie Palooza attendants of their intentions in advance. 

j. Pie Palooza attendants must sanitize the pie serving utensils and provide paper towels and handiwipes for each contestant.